Expanding Our Minds on the Issue of Puerto Rico’s Status

In Citizenship Equality, Commentary and Analysis, Enemies of Equality, H.R. 2499, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Democracy Act, Self-Determination, Tennessee Plan, The Big Lie: The PPD's "Commonwealth" on July 27, 2010 at 7:27 PM
Taking Advantage of Our Collection of Must-Axxess Files, Video Links, and Book Recommendations


Here at La Chuleta Congela’ we give you commentary on issues related to Puerto Rico’s status issue and how the current unequal status affects the lives of millions of American citizens in Puerto Rico and the mainland. In an attempt to bring readers of this blog quality of information and quantity in sources, we have dedicated a section of this blog to the compilation of written materials that offer a variety angles from which to look at and understand the unequal status on the island territory.

With that aim in mind, then, we invite our readers to take advantage of not only our “Must-Axxess Files” section at the bottom of every page on the blog, but also our VideoLink and EquaLibro pages. The selection ranges from links of selected videos and book recommendations to high-quality research by non-partisan organizations and government agencies, and even the 78-minute, non-partisan, independent audio documentary “United States Plus One.” Also check out our page dedicated to “What You Can Do” to help the disenfranchised American citizens of Puerto Rico achieve citizenship equality once and for all.

Together, the various forms should provide the readers with ample context with which to digest and analyze the views presented to them by this blog, and, most importantly, take democratic action. We also encourage readers who believe in self-determination for Puerto Rico to not only recommend friends to La Chuleta Congela’, but also submit any material available for dissemination that can be shared with our readers.

All American citizens have a direct  stake in Puerto Rico’s political future, and here at La Chuleta Congela’ we believe that Puerto Rican self-determination begins with American education. Follow us and soon enough you, too, will be fluent on the status issue of Puerto Rico and its unequal and undemocratic character.

WE NEED YOU … it’s our duty!



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