Enemies of Equality

Popular Democratic Party (PPD in Spanish)

Partido Popular Democratico, PPD. The leadership of this party originally proposed the so-called “Commonwealth” status as a transitional process between political colonialism and full and equal sovereignty for Puerto Rico, but after almost 60 years as one of Puerto Rico’s two strongest parties they find themselves incapable of relinquishing power. The members of the party are average Puerto Ricans who have been bamboozled into believing a big lie. Ask them how they take the “Commonwealth” to equality. Permanent Union is but a slogan to the PPD.


Gov. Rafael Hernandez-Colon

Rafael Hernández-Colón has dedicated his life to protecting and advancing the current, unequal territorial status in Puerto Rico. He claims some higher knowledge of the law and guarantees that Puerto Rico can, in fact, be its own political nation AND continue to enjoy American citizenship for Puerto Ricans AND not pay federal taxes AND continue to be protected by the U.S. Armed Forces AND repeal any federal law it sees fit AND continue to migrate into the US mainland without passports AND continue to receive federal direct payments for all in Puerto Rico AND … well, you get the point. We believe the former governor calls this “The Best of Both Worlds,” and Sen. Jeff Bingaman calls it “The free beer and BBQ option.” We, at La Chuleta call it “The Independent Republic of the State of Puerto Rico” where there’s no prosperity or citizenship equlity, but it feels FREE!

See here for more information.



Alejandro Garcia-Padilla.


Rep. Nydia Velazquez

Rep. Nydia Velázquez’s (D, NY-12) part-time job is making it impossible for the American citizens of Puerto Rico to achieve what she has achieved while living in the U.S. mainland. The first Puerto Rican woman elected to Congress, Velázquez has made it her business to gain veto power over any changes in Puerto Rico’s colonial status. Arguing that Puerto Ricans should have the final say, she advocates for them NOT to have a say on sovereign options.


Rep. Luis Gutierrez

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D, IL-4) supports independence for Puerto Rico de los dientes pa’ fuera, but in reality he is opposed to any real change in Puerto Rico. His full-time job is being a professional Hispanic, but his part-time job is helping illegal immigrants become American citizens while simultaneously obstructing anything that helps Puerto Rico finally end 502 years of colonial territorial status in Puerto Rico.


Rep. Hector Ferrer

Rep. Hector Ferrer (House of Representatives of Puerto Rico Minority Leader and former PPD President). The leader of the lie machine in the Puerto Rico House, and incidental leader of the party via the fall of former party leader, -governor, and -resident commissioner Anibal Acevedo Vila. This guys wants to define everything from statehood to independence but refuses to define what his party wants as a permanent non-territorial option for Puerto Rico–outside of the “Free Beer & BBQ” option.


Sen. Jose Dalmau (PPD, Senate of Puerto Rico)

Sen. Jose Dalmau (Senate of Puerto Rico Minority Leader, PPD). The leader of the lie machine in the Puerto Rico Senate. This guy pretends the Spanish language in Puerto Rico is under threat from English. Would somebody tell him Puerto Rico is officially bilingual. Sen. Dalmau doesn’t speak English (or acts like it) so he feels threatened, so, according to Sen. Dalmau, Puerto Rican children should be protected from learning English … right? What a future under these pendejos.

Former Gov. Anibal Acevedo-Vila

The federal government knows who this guy is. Former Resident Commissioner who managed to pull a Bush-v-Gore of his own for the governorship of Puerto Rico and stole the election of 2004. Acevedo-Vila and his party represent every interest that keeps four million American citizens unequal: their personal interests above those of La Gente.

Eduardo Bhatia was one of the youngest men elected to the Puerto Rico Senate. Though he was born outside of Puerto Rico, he spends his every waking moment keeping four million Americans under second-class citizenship. Watch him in VideoLink. He is just another Enemy of Equality trying to defend the indefensible: The ELA Lie.

Brian Darling

Brian Darling works to “educate” U.S. Senators on The Heritage Foundation’s latest research, and as a part-time job he talks ignorantly about Puerto Rico’s status and what he thinks about it. Does not understand Puerto Rican political history, does not care about citizenship equality, presents biased information and research as legitimate sources of advice–all apply to The Darling. Challenge him in-depth about Puerto Rican affairs (any dimension thereof), and he crumbles under his own ignorance, aided by his insatiable thirst to be heard.

G-Beck. ‘Nough said. After saving his show by diving into the deep end of American politics, Beck decided to put his two cents on the Puerto Rico status issue. A Google search of “Puerto Rico Statehood” would show a piece by The Beck on the number one slot. Envious of how this guys managed to do it AND eager to prove him wrong, La Chuleta Congelá’ has named him an Enemy of Equality! BTW, see our take on Beck’s piece; you will find it in the “Must Axxess Files” box below named “Number One Google Hit on ‘Puerto Rico Statehood’.”


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