United States Plus One


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[Note: All information provided in THIS page has been taken from SolidPrinciples.com in an attempt to help promote this particular work by said website. Nothing on this page should be viewed as an attempt by La Chuleta Congelá’ to take credit from the rightful creator, Craig Edwards of SolidPrinciples.com]

NATIONAL AUDIO DOCUMENTARY: United States Plus One–The Prospect of Puerto Rico as the 51st State, by Craig Edwards.

When HR.2499, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2010 passed the House 223 – 169, it barely gathered a whimper of press. The prospect of America gaining a new state would normally be newsworthy, yet H.R.2499 missed out. Meanwhile, decade-old perceptions of Democratic gerrymandering, and opinions based on the 93 and 98 failed plebiscites re-surfaced.

This 78-Minute Audio Documentary speaks with the participants themselves, and uncovers the story of what could become the most debated plebiscite in American history.

United States Plus One:

The Prospect of Puerto Rico as the 51st State


Participants Interviewed:

Luis Fortuño: Governor of Puerto Rico
Kenneth McClintock: Sectary of State of Puerto Rico
Luis Gutierrez: U.S Congressman for Illinois
Héctor J. Ferrer Ríos : President of the Popular Democratic Party (Opposition leader of Puerto Rico)
Jeffery L. Farrow: White House advisor on Puerto Rico to President Bill Clinton
Pedro Pierluisi: Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico / Sole non-voting Congressman of Puerto Rico
Luis Dávila Colón: Puerto Rican Author/columnist, lawyer, Radio/Television Presenter, Political Expert
Dr. Hernán Padilla: Co-founder of The U.S. Council for Puerto Rico Statehood, former Mayor of San Juan, and Alternate Representative of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations for Puerto Rico
Don Soifer: Lexington Foundation
Brian Darling: Political Expert and Fellow at the Heritage Foundation
Phylis Schlafly: Constitutional Lawyer and Founder of the Eagle Foundation
Eduardo Soto: President of The Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association
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